Artist Opportunities

Call for Muralists & Mural Apprentices/Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in our #CapitalWalls Mural Program. We are continually looking for a diverse range of talented and passionate artists for mural painting and teaching opportunities in and around the Capital Region. We are seeking to inspire our community with uplifting, educational, or thought-provoking works of public art.

The first step to becoming a muralist with #CapitalWalls is to submit your resume, experience and samples of your artwork. Strong applicants will be placed in a pool to be considered for future mural commissions and public art projects. We also use the submission form for our Mural Apprentice/Volunteer Program.

If you are interested in designing and completing public art projects, or if you are an artist that would like to assist in bringing these murals to life, please gather the following information and submit via our Submittable form:

  • Artist contact information

  • Summary of your interest and passion about ACG's Capital Walls Mural Program and why you would like to get involved. Feel free to include your vision for public art in the Capital Region and why it is important for our local community

  • Description of your prior experience in the arts, especially creating public art or large-scale art. Include the mediums and process you worked with previously. 

  • Current resume

  • Artwork image samples (up to 10 digital images)

  • Mock-up images of your mural proposal (if you have them) * not required

Call for Artists for Art Rental

Albany Center Gallery is looking to connect with talented local artists for consideration in upcoming pop-ups and art rentals. ACG's art rental program seeks to match up local artists with businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to rent artwork. By facilitating art rentals, we hope to beautify public spaces, help businesses and homeowners customize their spaces, and promote our area's rich assortment of artists.

To be considered for future art rental opportunities, please submit the following information:

  • Requested personal information

  • Brief artist statement

  • Attach images of 5-10 artwork samples that you would be willing to rent out

  • Include the pertinent information for the respective artwork samples

Please note, your submission does not guarantee that your work will be selected for an art rental. We will contact you if/when we have an art rental opportunity for you.

Annual Call for Art

Albany Center Gallery is accepting submissions for future exhibitions and is inviting local, regional and international artists who live within 100 miles radius of Albany, NY to submit their work for consideration. All mediums welcome; artists at all stages in their art career are invited to submit. Submissions are considered for solo and group exhibitions. Albany Center Gallery accepts proposals throughout the year. ACG will continue to accept submissions to be considered for future exhibit years.

Eligibility: Anyone living within 100 miles of Albany, NY can submit a proposal. Artists should bear in mind the need for a consistent and strong body of work when submitting. Selected artists must exhibit work consistent with the images and proposals shown in their application.

Media/Genre, etc: Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media.

Jury and Curation: ACG’s selection process involves a two-part system. Most exhibits are juried by ACG’s Exhibit Committee, which is a 6-10 member panel of professional, academic advisors and artists with a broad range of expertise. The Exhibit Committee then passes along their recommendations to the Executive Director who will make the final selections from the feedback received. Solo proposals are handled in a similar way. While artists may provide a specific goal for an exhibit, the final selection and layout of works will be determined by ACG.

Commission: Works that sell while on exhibit at ACG are subject to a 25% commission, artist retains 75%. Please take this into consideration when assigning artwork prices.

Application Guidelines:

  • All mediums are welcome (painting, photography, sculpture, etc.)

  • Submit up to 12 images that accurately represent your body of work.

  • Do not exceed 30 seconds for Quicktime video clips.

  • Images should be no smaller than 72 dpi or bigger than 300 dpi and should not exceed 10 MB per file.

  • Save images as Lastname_Firstname_Title. If the submission file of artwork isn't saved as requested, the work will not be considered.

  • Additional required documents:

  • Exhibition list with title, medium, size, year, and price (including 25% commission)

  • Resume or CV

  • Artist statement

  • Artist biography


  • All submissions must be sent through    You will need to create an account with Submittable in order to submit. Click here    to view our Submittable New User Guide.

  • No email submissions will be accepted.

Only complete proposals that adhere to the ACG’s submission guidelines will be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I show my work in Albany Center Gallery?

A: The first step is to join ACG as a member. This enables you to show a work of art in our annual Members' Show in December/January. You can also submit to our Annual Call For Art to be considered for the upcoming year's exhibition schedule.

Q: Do I need an art degree to exhibit in the gallery?

A: No. Artists are selected based on the merit and quality of their work. Educational background does not factor into our selection process.

Q: When is the deadline for the Annual Call for Art?

A: We are continuously accepting new submissions, but we review artist submissions annually in late December or early January. 

Q: How will I know if my artwork was chosen for exhibition?

A: Our Exhibits Committee typically meets within the month of the cut-off deadline for the upcoming year's exhibition cycle. Artists who submit may expect a response within a few months of this meeting. Submission to our Annual Call for Art does not guarantee an exhibition at ACG for the current exhibition cycle, but ACG keeps all submissions on file for consideration for future shows.

Q: How is artwork chosen for exhibits?

A: In late December/early January, the Executive Director, along with an Exhibits Committee, will review all submissions made in the last year. Submissions are reviewed on artistic merit and quality, not on an artist's educational background.

Q: Does ACG offer appraisals?

A: No, but click here for a list of local art appraisers

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, we are glad to field your inquiries directly. Please email your questions to and we will reply promptly.