About Albany Center Gallery

Albany Center Gallery promotes and exhibits art produced by the region’s emerging and established artists and engages, enriches, and inspires the community to appreciate the importance of art.

We are a nonprofit, community-based organization that is supported by membership; individual, corporate, government, and foundation donations; fundraising events; and commissions on the sale of art.

Our Mission

Albany Center Gallery promotes and exhibits art produced by the region’s emerging and established artists and engages, enriches, and inspires the community to appreciate the importance of art.

We do this by:

  1. Providing opportunities for artists to become highly valued and respected

  2. Committing gallery exhibitions to local and regional visual artists from all backgrounds

  3. Educating the public, with an emphasis on local youth  

  4. Fostering dialogue about the arts

  5. Collaborating with community partners to advance the  creative economy

  6. Fusing the arts, community, and business sectors

  7. Making art accessible to all

Our Vision

Our vision is a community shaped and enhanced by the visual artists, who reflect and influence the evolving, inclusive, and multifaceted culture of the Greater Mohawk-Hudson Region.

Our Values

We believe in the power of artists and art, their impact, and the importance of:

  • engaging a diverse community through equity, inclusion, and accessibility

  • authenticity, creativity, and individual excellence

  • transparency and creative problem solving

  • empathy, civility, and respect 

  • mindfulness, intentionality, and thoughtfulness

  • collaboration and innovation

  • cultivating and supporting the next generation of artists

Our History

For 45+ years, Albany Center Gallery has provided a platform for the work of contemporary visual artists to engage the public. Albany Center Gallery strives to encourage dialogue and critical commentary about the visual arts within the region. Albany Center Gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of regional artists within a 100-mile radius of Albany. Since Leslie Urbach opened the gallery’s doors in 1977, thousands of the area’s finest contemporary artists have exhibited at Albany Center Gallery using the following disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printing, fiber arts, video, mixed media, installation, and most recently artist books.

Albany Center Gallery’s exhibition program serves the art community and the general public. Exhibitions, murals, consulting, art & space rentals, pop-up shows, youth programs, artist talks, community events & more are all activities offered. ACG presents at least seven major exhibitions a year in the gallery, including the Mohawk Hudson Regional Invitational. Many of the artists who exhibit at Albany Center Gallery gain national and international recognition.


At Albany Center Gallery (ACG), we believe that art should be accessible to everyone. This includes creating, admiring, and supporting creative works. For this reason, all of ACG’s exhibitions, receptions, and artist interviews are free and open to the public. The exhibitions are chosen based on topics that engage a broad and diverse audience.

Board of Directors

David Phaff, President

Rita Papandrea, Vice President

Lisa Brown, Secretary

Kevin Dubner, Treasurer & Immediate Past President

Mia Barbera

Ellen B. Brickman

Robert Cooper

Carlsbury Gonzalez

Tammis Groft

William Harris, Esq.

Tina Lincer

Annette Nanes

Melanie Stevenson

Edward Ticson, MA, MFA

James Warren


David Brickman

Jessica Hansen, MNA

Joel Spiro, MD, in memoriam



Clinton, Amazing Youth Artist Intern

Ellie Cromling, Art Mentor Intern

Elisa Darrigo, Marketing & PR Intern

Allie Izzo, Photography & Gallery Intern

Victoria Kenton, Gallery Intern

Katherine Kim, Development Associate

Jessica Palden, Event Volunteer

Suzanna Wright, Gallery Intern


Tony Iadicicco, Executive Director

Andrew Kwok, ACG Fellow

Emily Prosper, Program & Operations Coordinator

Karina Wojnar, Development & Membership Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I be a member?

We welcome members from all over! Artist. Collector. Art Lover. All welcome here. If you are interested in becoming a member, sign up here.

My business/entity wants a mural.

Great! You can submit your wall via the submittable page here. Feel free to email us at director@albanycentergallery.org to let us know you submitted if the timeline is pressing. 

What are some opportunities available for artists and how do I submit my artwork? What are the requirements?

You can submit your artwork online, through our submittable portal here. There are numerous available opportunities, including murals, art rental, the store, and the ongoing call for art. Please title the files names of your artwork: Lastname_firstname_nameofpiece.filename

Where can I park in Downtown Albany to visit ACG?

Luckily, there are numerous options! Click here for a map and more details on parking.

Where are more art activities and spaces in Albany?

Click here for a list of resources and locations in Albany and the surrounding areas! 

Does ACG appraise artwork?

No, ACG does not appraise artwork. But we do have a local option available, read more here.

How do I get my art in the gallery?

You can submit your artwork online through our submittable portal, found here.   The call for art is ongoing.

Does ACG offer art classes?

ACG does not offer art classes at this time, but there are numerous other arts organizations that do. Such as the Albany Art Room, Albany Barn, or the Arts Center of the Capital Region. Additionally, ACG offers youth art programming, and there are a variety of community outreach events throughout the year you can get involved with. Please follow us on social media or join the e-blast to stay up to date.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers can get involved by joining a committee, working at reception openings and events, working weekly with business administrative tasks, or volunteering at our annual gala. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or intern, you can learn more here.

How can I stay informed on ACG happenings?

You can sign up for our weekly e-blast, monthly snail mail post cards, follow our social media pages, visit our website, or come and visit the gallery!