2020 Members' Show

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Exhibit Dates: Friday, December 4, 2020 to Friday, January 15, 2021 (Pick up artwork details here)

ACG’s Members' Show highlights and recognizes a wide range of talented members, bringing together a dynamic cross-section of artists, diverse in medium and degree of establishment. Members vary from student and emerging artists to established and international artists, from painters and photographers to sculptors and mixed media artists. ACG sees this show as an opportunity for promotion and appreciation of all who have invested their time and energy in supporting ACG, making it what it is today.

With over 100 works on display for this year’s Annual Members’ Show, Juror Rachel Baxter narrowed down the awards to 9 artists, along with Board President Kevin Dubner selecting the ACG President's Award. Congratulations to all the artists and thank you for helping us bring MORE ART EVERYWHERE!

JUROR'S SELECT: Jae Schalekamp

Honorable Mention: Fern T. Apfel

Honorable Mention: Linda L. Bacon

Honorable Mention: George Dirolf

Honorable Mention: Lauraly Grossman

Honorable Mention: Ali Herrmann

Honorable Mention: Rodica Miller Petrescu

Honorable Mention: Liz Moran

Honorable Mention: Alexandra Tamburro

ACG President's Award: Kenneth Mackey

Artists featured: Diahann Addison, Wendy Allen, Fern T. Apfel, Linda L. Bacon, Diana K Bangert-Drowns, Marty Bannan, Leslie Berlinsky, Natalie Boburka, Michelle Bowen, Corinne Brennen, David Brickman, Bob Buck, Lynne Bunnell, Jill Burks, Laura Cannamela, Steven Carberry, Matt Chinian, Michael Clancy, Stephen Condon, Maria DeAngelo, Chris DeMarco, David DiPasquale, George Dirolf, Erin Doescher, Eugene Downs Jr., Christine Festin, Paula Drysdale Frazell, Jennifer Duke Anstey, Sandra Dwileski, Thomasa Dwyer Nielsen, Krystal Einarsson, Jeanne Finley, Jay Freud, Dee Foley, Chloe Harrison, Suzanne Hicks, Connie Frisbee Houde, Donna Funk, Pattie Garrett, Karen Gerstenberger, Brian Gibbs, Sally Gilbert, Gary Glinski, Julia Greiner, Lauraly Grossman, Juliana Haliti, Jessica Hansen, Thomas Hansen, Ali Herrmann, Dave Higgins, Frederick Holman, Cheryl Horning, Sean Hovendick, Elizabeth Iadicicco, Tony Iadicicco, Michael Joyce, Charleen Kavleski, Katherine Klompas, Kevin Kuhne, Christine Lally, Lori Lawrence, Barb Lennox, Tina Lincer, Elston Mackey, Kenneth Mackey, Willie Marlowe, Gary Masline, Dan McCormack, Garlyn McGinnis, Terry McMaster, Julie Mereson, Chuck Miller, René Molineaux, Liz Moran, Robert Moylan, Katherine Mulvaney, Heath Nevergold, Christie Olson, Dorothea Osborn, Hazal Ozturk, Phil Palmieri, Julie Pamkowski, Rita Papandrea,  Rodica Miller Petrescu, Andrew Pellettieri, W. O. Pettit III, Patrick Picou Harrington, Linda Pinkans, Corey C. Pitkin, Jillian Platt, Ellie Prakken, Larry Rappoport, Richard Ruotolo, Luke Ryan, Jae Schalekamp, Jason Schultz, Israel Singer, Margo B. Singer, John Smolinsky, Christine Snyder, Altin Stoja, Susan M. Story, Susan Stuart, Audrie Sturman, Caitlin Sweet, Theresa Swidorski, Adrienne Szamotula, Alexandra Tamburro, Grace Tatara, Terry Teitelbaum, Maryam Vala,  MaryPat Wager, Takeyce Walter, Alex Waters, Brian White, Sally Willse, Karina Wojnar, Leslie Yolen, Rebecca Young, Sarah Zielstorf

This exhibit is sponsored by the ACG Premier Sponsor Howard Hanna & David Phaff, as well as Ann Pfau & David Hochfelder, ParkAlbany, Albany Wine & Dine for the Arts Festival, and the New York State Council on the Arts.