"Sawubona" by BoogieREZ

The mural at 45 Columbia Street is titled “Sawubona” and is created by #BoogieREZ, a Poughkeepsie- and Brooklyn-based artistic duo comprised of @riiisaboogie and @rezones. Their work includes murals, photography, illustration, and woodworking. Sawubona means "I see you, you are important to me, and I value you” in Zulu. "I love to learn as much as I can about various cultures and all that I soak up is represented in my art. Beautiful African and Japanese patterns and techniques are highlighted, the sneaker culture of history, beauty and depth is on full display, and as always nature is an integral part of every piece I create. The connection with others by sharing stories through my artwork allows me to grow beyond measure. I deeply appreciate the interaction and communication that happens as a result.” -Riiisa Boogie

To learn more about BoogieREZ, visit www.boogierez.com.

Thank you to our partners Albany Barn, Downtown Albany BID, and curator Tony Iadicicco for collaborating in the development and management of the DRI grant award which was administered and funded by NYS Homes & Community Renewal. Thank you to building owners Redburn Development.


"Sawubona" was completed in October/November 2020.


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