LOOK! 2017: Kid's Eye View

“Kid’s Eye View ALB,” part of Albany Center Gallery’s LOOK! Youth Art Month in April 2017, decorates the building next door to the arcade on Maiden Lane. ACG paired members of the Bus Stop Club aged 8-14 with professional photographers for an afternoon exploring and photographing the area around ACG. We then reached out to the professionals for high-resolution images taken by the kids, and wheat-pasted the fantastic photographs on the under-construction property owned by Fairbank Properties. The result was a youth-focused public photography project that brightened the space by ACG.

Professional photographers include: Jess Ayotte, Joseph M Elario, Evan Lauber, Jamel Mosely, Kenneth Newman, Mike Schinnerer, Cindy Hasbrouck Schultz and Thom Williams

Images may be subject to copyright; please contact ACG before sharing.

Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/qrcBp3xwiRU2