"Pem-po-tu-wuth-ut (Place of the Council Fire) Biocoenosis" by Juliana Haliti

Titled "Pem-po-tu-wuth-ut (Place of the Council Fire) Biocoenosis,” the mural by the mixed media artist and educator Juliana Haliti was inspired by the abundant, ecological history of the Capital Region. After hours of research and discussions with experts from the Pine Bush Reserve, NYS Archives, NYS Division for Historic Preservation, and the DEC, Haliti created a beautiful and intricate collection of botany to highlight in the mural. The title drew inspiration from what the Mohegan Tribe called the area of Albany, Pem-po-tu-wuth-ut. 

Located on the Chapel St Facing wall of The Yard Hatchet House & Bar on the corner of 16 Sheridan Ave, Albany, NY 12210

Key/map of each element


Words from Juliana Haliti: "This project immediately inspired me to consider the ecological history of the Capital Region and its relationship to our current infrastructure. Through research and outreach, I was able to pick the brains of several local experts in the field including representatives from the Pine Bush Preserve, NYS Archives, NYS Division for Historic Preservation, and the DEC. This led to the compilation of botany that I was able to explore and consider visually which in turn led to the final collage the mural is based off of. My hope is that it highlights and celebrates our botany and ecology, both past and present, while serving as an educational tool for the community as well.”


Albany Center Gallery and Albany Barn collaborated in development, management, and execution of this Capital Walls Mural. Foundational support for Capital Walls by Albany Parking Authority. Curated by Tony Iadicicco, this mural specifically is made possible by The Yard Hatchet House & Bar and with support from the City of Albany Small Business Façade improvement program administered by Capitalize Albany Corporation

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