"Inverse" by local artist Shae

This piece was created during the Pearl Side Community Arts Festival in September of 2022, where community members were able to join the process of creating this mural. It is a part of our moveable murals, so this piece will travel and be installed in multiple locations. The artist explains that the title “Inverse” represents the intense feeling of being torn between inner child expression and professionalism. 


Words from the artist: “Actually, sometimes, there’s just no time that feels acceptable to act like a kid. I find myself very conflicted as to when it is okay. Growing up is hard; being a child is just something I am not ready to give up. I like being my goofy self, and there are so many others that feel the exact same.”

If you are interested in having art in or on your business, contact us at director@albanycentergallery.org


Artist's Instagram: @hxx.ela