"Illuminated" by Cara Hanley

Cara Hanley's "Illuminated" from October 2017, located in the Green-Hudson parking garage, is a dream-like depiction of a river and the Albany skyline rising up from an open book. The cityscape floats in a frames starry night sky. Hanley said her inspiration came from the city's inhabitants and their remarkable spirit. A mental health counselor by day, Hanley's work encourages moments of quiet and introspection, and "Illuminated" is no exception.

To learn more about Cara Hanley and see her other work, visit her website https://carahanley.com/

Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn, and Albany Parking Authority brought this mural and several others to Downtown Albany in an effort to add character and beauty, as well as uplift and inspire the community in the form of accessible public art.

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Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/BqkVWhbwjSs