All Hearts are Connected by Free Humanity

The mural, “All Hearts Are Connected,” encompasses 1,250-square-feet on 69 N Pearl Street and is the first Albany mural for the California-based multidisciplinary artist known for his colorful palette and multicolored hearts. Through all art created, Free Humanity’s goal is “Taking back the Humanity stolen from our minds by social manipulation and planting seeds of positivity through art and consciousness.”

Mural Artist Free Humanity said, “Painting a mural to me is one of the most special things I get to do as an artist. I feel an artist can manifest their energy and put that in a form of paint that reflects that energy back to the community. My goal is always to arrest motion, to make people stop even for just a brief moment and hopefully make them think or plant a positive seed. I’m extremely grateful to be in Albany it’s a gorgeous city with lots of history and happy to be a part of the city.” 

Thank you to our partners Albany Barn, Downtown Albany BID, and curator Tony Iadicicco for collaborating in development and management of the DRI grant award which was administered and funded by NYS Homes & Community Renewal. Thank you to building owners Redburn Development.


"All Hearts are Connected" was completed in October 2021.


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