RISSE & ACG Youth Summer Program

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To view photos of the program and murals, click here. 


ACG teamed up with RISSE (Refugee and Immigrant Support Services of Emmaus) for a 4 week long youth art program lead by multi-disciplinary artist mentor D. Colin. This art component was an additional element to RISSE’s already existing 6 week long summer program. Artist Mentor Jordan Hill also held an African drumming and dancing class with the participants.

Albany Center Gallery and D. Colin worked with 40-50 summer youths to reimagine and activate the entrance ramp walkway and other walls around RISSE’s location in Pine Hills. Together, we added vibrant colors and fostered safe spaces with the youth while creating sustainable lessons in teamwork, professionalism, literacy, and creativity.




The students planned the murals by drawing, coloring, and talking about what kinds of images, colors, and shapes they would enjoy seeing each day! We also had discussions about what represents them and RISSE. The murals were painted vibrantly and creatively each day of the program.

About the lead artist: D. Colin is a poet, actor, and visual artist living in Troy, NY. As a multidisciplinary artist, she aims to inspire, empower and educate through poetry, paint and performance and is passionate about cultivating space for stories, healing and community.