"Escape to Nature: Where Peace Awaits" by TrashKid Art

The mural at 39 Columbia Street (on the side facing Broadway) is titled “Escape to Nature: Where Peace Awaits” and is created by Jade Warrick (TrashKid Art), a Capital Region-based visual designer who has founded and co-led community art programs including Amplified Voices, a collaborative public art program amplifying the voices of local artists of color while also providing youth mentoring opportunities. "Art remains a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas. It has the possibility of changing one’s thoughts, opening new ideas, and educating where the system has failed. For my mural, the theme is self-love in nature. The image I created visualizes a young black woman surrounded by nature, flowers wrapped around her, a butterfly rests on her finger, representing tranquility and serenity. Nature is an escape, where my black ancestors thrived. Nature, for me, breeds creativity and is a source of self-reflection, providing an escape from the political events/ stereotypes that surround BIPOC 24/7.” -Jade Warrick

To learn more about TrashKid Art, visit www.instagram.com/trashkid_art/

Thank you to our partners Albany Barn, Downtown Albany BID, and curator Tony Iadicicco for collaborating in development and management of the DRI grant award which was administered and funded by NYS Homes & Community Renewal. Thank you to building owners Redburn Development.


"Escape to Nature: Where Peace Awaits” was completed in October/November 2020.


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