"Courage" by Rosy Sunshine

This mural by Rosy Sunshine, completed in October 2019, is located behind the Quackenbush Garage, The Olde English Pub, Discover Albany, C.H. Evans Brewing Albany Pump Station, and Albany Distilling Company. Her mural hinges on Albany's status as a sanctuary city, surrounded by cities and towns without that status. Rosy's piece seeks to illustrate migration as a process of nature and as a survival respond that creates luscious ecosystems and tremendous growth. Like nature migration is an organic part of the human experience, something to be celebrated and not feared. 

To learn more about Rosy Sunshine, visit her instagram: www.instagram.com/rosy.sunshine 

Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn and Albany Parking Authority brought this and several other murals to Downtown Albany in an effort to inspire, uplift and bring art to the community.

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