Confluence by Phoebe Rotter

In partnership with local artist Phoebe Rotter and The City of Cohoes, ACG is proud to present “Confluence.” This mural is located on the corner of Remsen and White St. in Cohoes, NY.


Words from the artist Phoebe Rotter: "Confluence focuses on a vital intersection of Cohoes history: people and place. Humans are part of nature, and vice versa. Here, they flow into and hold each other. The natural landscape of the area -- the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson rivers, native flora including the Blue Flag iris, distant mountains and rolling hills-- is interspersed with unmistakably human interventions. A spindle and thread transform into the environment, suspended between hands; the skeleton of the Cohoes Mastodon, unearthed in 1866 during the construction of Harmony Mill, stands sentinel near its place of discovery. Transformation and exchange bloom in blue and white.”


Thank you to our partner, The City of Cohoes, for funding this mural. Additional thanks to Paint Cohoes (& team) throughout this mural for supporting our ongoing efforts to bring more art everywhere.  

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