"Out of Office Windows" by Casey Simonds

Title: "Out of Office Windows"


Artist Casey Simonds' Statement:

"Dedicated to those who dream out of office windows, dream of a small farm house amongst rolling fields with a rocking chair on the porch; and on your way home dream of moving to the city to write screen plays on the subway, only to sit later at your kitchen table looking at vans to travel across the country in. Dedicated to those who lay awake at night with the thought of burning their world to ashes, only to wake the next morning to water the seeds in the hopes of fruition long down the road. Dedicated to everyone you have ever been, everyone you are today, and all of the people you dream of becoming."


Location: 32 Maiden Ln, Albany, NY 12207 (across the street from The Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe)


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Pronouns: she/her


Artist Instagram: @caseysimonds