"Bluebirds" by Michael Conlin

“Bluebirds” by Michael Conlin, completed in June 2016, is on the north side of the Quackenbush Parking Garage near exit 4B on I-787. The mural depicts various stages of a bluebird in flight. The Eastern Bluebirds--the state bird of New York--not only beautify the garage, but seem to welcome visitors to downtown as they flock toward Broadway. Conlin has said his inspiration came from the language used in brainstorming sessions to describe the people of Albany who “flock” to the area, serving as a reflection on what it means to both work in the city and live in it.

To find out more about Michael Conlin and see his other work, visit his website https://conlinstudios.com/

In partnership with Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn and sponsored by Albany Parking Authority. This mural was created in an effort to inspire, uplift and bring art to the community.

Curator: Tony Iadicicco
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