Join ACG's Birthday Club!

Birthday Club FAQs

What is the Birthday Club and how do I join?

The Birthday Club is a new endeavor by ACG to foster a group of art lovers and ACG supporters who receive exclusive benefits. People can join the Birthday Club by dedicating a fundraiser through Facebook to Albany Center Galleries Inc for two-four weeks. Email Karina at to confirm your participation.

Why should I join?

The Birthday Club is a great way to celebrate your birthday and recognize your love of the arts by dedicating a birthday fundraiser to ACG. Your friends and family will appreciate that their birthday gift to you will go to a good cause and be something you actually want!
Birthday Club members receive various perks and thank-you gifts based on how much is raised in the fundraiser:

- A thank you card!
- ACG pin
- Artist Friend Individual Membership


- A thank you card!
- ACG pin
- Artist Friend Individual Membership
- 1 ticket to our Annual Gala in November

- A thank you card!
- ACG pin
- Artist Friend Individual Membership
- 2 tickets to our Annual Gala in November

How does it help the Gallery?

ACG survives through grant funding, annual appeals, the support of the community and generous donors like yourself. Since the contributions are given to the gallery in several key waves throughout the year, the Birthday Club is a way for the gallery to supplement those resources and have support coming in on a monthly basis.

How do I set up a fundraiser on Facebook?

To create a Facebook Fundraiser for ACG:
- Click on Create on the top of your Facebook Homepage
- Select the “nonprofit” option
- Type in Albany Center Galleries, Inc.
- Change “How much money do you want to raise?” to be whatever you wish, we ask that it is at least $100
- Select a start date. This can be on your birthday or a week before - your choice.
- For “When should your fundraiser end?” change the date to be two- four weeks from the start date.
- Click Next.
- For “Why are you raising money?” we would like for you to share why art is important to you
- Click Next.
- For the Cover Photo, we will send you a photo to use if you wish. Download the photo and then upload it through the “edit” option here.
- Click Create!

Why are we hosting this on Facebook?

Facebook offers a convenient platform to create a fundraiser, and charges no fees to host the fundraiser.

Sign me up!

Email Karina, Development & Membership Coordinator, at to confirm your participation. You will receive additional information and promotional images for your convenience.

Thank you to our past Birthday Club Members: Kevin Dubner; Carlsbury Gonzalez; Jessica Hansen; Tony Iadicicco; Melanie Stevenson; David Phaff