"Sweet Surface, Sculptural Skin 2.0" by Alicia Barton

Title: "Sweet Surface, Sculptural Skin 2.0"


Artist Alicia Barton's Statement:

"Through a repetitive and intuitive process, visceral, ambiguous sculptures are created which contrast the alluring and attractive with the repulsive and grotesque. A sensation of familiarity shrouds the sculptures and challenges what is known or unknown; living or decaying in this otherworldly installation. Bulbous blobs and cavernous areas emerge as the resins, latex, and foams interact and visually unsettles.Miniature sculptures act as satellites, and allow for a greater sense of play as I embellish the works with found and owned objects often referring to my adolescent self. These alien-like forms serve as a conceptual mirror of my identity—exposing internal anxieties and grief, and adorned by a luxurious, candy-colored shell."


Location: 33 Maiden Ln, Albany, NY 12207 (Couple of doors down after the Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe)


Medium: Mixed media installation

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Pronouns: she/her


Artist Instagram: @aliciabartonstudio


Artist Website: https://www.aliciabarton.com/