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View 2023 Annual Members' Show

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View 45th Annual Photography Regional SELECT Show

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View 45th Annual Photography Regional Salon Show

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View Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop

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View the 2023 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational exhibit

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View the 24th Annual High School Regional Juried Exhibition

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The exhibitions listed below are unfortunately no longer available to be viewed. 


View the 2022 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational

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View the 23rd Annual High School Regional Juried Exhibition

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View the 2021-22 Annual Members' Show 

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The Gallery Mixtape, Vol. 1 at ACG

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The Gallery Mixtape, Vol. 1 at CE

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2021 Mohawk Hudson Regional

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Frame // Unframe


2021 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational

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22nd Annual High School Regional

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2020 Members' Show

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Inner Spaces

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42nd Annual Photography Regional Select

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42nd Annual Photography Regional Salon

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Shining Light: Duane Todman

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Healing: Portraits of the Pandemic

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MHRI 2020


Dorothy Englander

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Beyond Limits 

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20th Annual High School Regional Exhibition 

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2019 MHRI 

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Members' Show

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Still. Life. 


View Then & Now: Mark McCarty here

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Creations: Connections & Collections 





High School Regional Juried Art Exhibition 


2018 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational



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2017/18 Members’ Show

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Masters of War 

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Then & Now: Robert Cartmell 

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 Passage 360 copy_0.jpg

Makers 365   

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2017 Mohawk-Hudson Regional Invitational

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39th Annual Photography Regional

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