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We were thrilled to announce our new social media artist spotlight feature – #SaturdayMorningArtist – which will highlight a different local artist each week. Be sure to check it out on FacebookTwitter, and our Times Union blog!

We thank all of you, as always, for your extraordinary support over the years, and we hope to keep raising the bar as we continue our mission to showcase and promote local and regional artists. The following artists of the Capital Region have recently been featured as #SaturdayMorningArtist:

Scroll down to see each #SaturdayMorningArtist

7/30/16 Doretta Miller: This weeks Saturday Morning Artist is Doretta Miller with her painting “Dante and Beatrice: Florence.” For more of her paintings visit: Here.


7/23/16 Peter Dellert: This weeks Saturday Morning Artist is Peter Dellert with his custom wall box “Sleep Dream.” For more of his furniture and mixed media visit: Here.

peter dellert

7/16/16 Lynn Palumbo: This weeks Saturday Morning Artist is Lynn Palumbo with her piece “Quilt Fragment #2.” For more of her work visit: Here.


7/9/16 Scott Stoner and Denise Hackert-Stoner of Naturelogues: This weeks Saturday Morning Artists are from Naturelogues with their photograph “Wild Blueberries.” For more nature photos visit: Here.3925e19d896e22e62354dfb466699a96

7/2/16 David Toutai: This weeks Saturday Morning Artist is David Toutai whose medium is photography. For more of his work visit: Here.



6/18/16 Andrew Bradt: This weeks Saturday Morning Artist is Andrew Bradt with his print “Mandala Orchid.” For more of his work visit: Here.


6/11/16 Bethany Mack: This weeks Saturday Morning Artist is Bethany Mack with her necklace “Taxidermy Punk Necklace.” For more of her jewelry visit: Here.


5/28/16 Thomas Ling Hua: This weeks Saturday Morning Artist is Thomas Ling Hua with his portrait “State & Main.”  For more of his work visit: Here.


4/30/16 Jillian Platt: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is Jillian Platt with her landscape painting “Hudson River Half Moon”. For more of her work visit: Here.


4/23/16 Katrina Majkut: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is Katrina Majkut with her screen-print collage piece “The Navigator (Blue)”. For more of her work visit: Here.


4/16/16 Richard Barlow: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is Richard Barlow with his “Twenty Cages” painting. For more of his work visit: Here.

4/9/16 Al Goldfarb: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist this week is Al Goldfarb. For more of his work visit: Here.


4/2/16 Chelsea Gibson: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is Chelsea Gibson. Her piece titled “Stroh Shed 1” is one from her series of oil on panels. For more of her work visit: Here.


3/26/16 Abraham Ferraro: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is Abraham Ferraro. For more of his work visit: Here.

3/19/16 Val Robert: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is scenery/landscape painter Val Robert. To see more of work visit his site: Here.

3/12/16 Samuray Akarvardar: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is mixed media artist Samuray Akarvardar. Her piece titled “Sandpaper #3” is one of her many mixed media pieces. To see more of work visit her site: Here.


3/5/16 Daniel Brody: This week’s Saturday Morning Artist is Daniel Brody. This piece titled “Pink Doughboy” is one of his many mixed media pieces. For more information, visit his site Here.


2/27/16 Colin Chase: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Colin Chase. This beautifully sculpted Baltic birch piece titled,””Story board: concrete poem study in 3 movements”, can be seen along with his other sculptures Here.


2/20/16 Sam Altekruse: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Sam Altekruse. His ink and watercolor painting titled “Dog” can be found on his site along with other pieces Here.

2/13/16 Brian Cirmo: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Brain Cirmo from Albany! His pen and paper drawing titled “The Artist and Bob Dylan Watch The Sunset” can be found on his site with other works Here.

2/6/16 Ann Haaland: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Ann Haaland from Schenectady! This mixed media piece titled “Union” can be found on her site along with other works Here.

1/23/16  Allen Grindle: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Allen Grindle of Albany, NY.Allen was recently awarded Best in Show in ACG’s 2015 Annual Members’ Show for his woodcut, “Bird”. Allen is also a sculptor and a painter. View more of Allen’s work Here.

1/16/16 Kevin Kuhne: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Kevin Kuhne Kevin. He was awarded the President’s Award in our 2015 Annual Members’ Show for his watercolor, “Power”. View more of Kevin’s work Here.

1/9/16 Steven Carberry: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Steven Carberry, an Honorable Mention for his piece “Dream” in our current Members’ Show.


1/2/16 Kyle Avery: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Kyle Avery, an Honorable Mention in our Members’ Show.


12/26/15  Ken Tannenbaum: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Ken Tannenbaum, photographer from Catskill, NY.


12/19/15 Cyndy Barbone: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Cyndy Barbone, fiber artist of Greenwich.


12/12/15 Niki Haynes: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Niki Haynes of Troy, NY.


12/5/15 Don Cooper: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Don Cooper from his series “Sayings Visualized”.


11/28/15 Dorothea Osborn: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Dorothea Osborn.


11/21/15 Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Randall Schmit, painter of the Hudson NY area.


11/14/15 Laura Carrozza: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Laura Carrozza, illustrator of Albany NY.


11/7/15 Susan Spencer Crowe: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Susan Spencer Crowe, Sculptor from Kingston NY.


10/31/15 Susan Meyers: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Susan Meyers, sculptor from Hudson, NY.


10/3/15 Katria Foster: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Katria Foster, abstract photographer.


9/26/15 Thomas Huber: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Thomas Huber.


9/19/15 Angela Heisch: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Angela Heisch.


8/29/15 Scott Nelson: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Scott Nelson Foster.


8/15/15 Mary Welsh: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Mary Welsh, a self-taught artist whose collages are made of found materials and depict houses, rooms, and their contents.

Welsh_shallwedance copy

8/8/15 Samuel Rowlett: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Samuel Rowlett, whose work presents a series of investigations into the unreliable film of memory and an awkward state of quasi-adolescence.

7/25/15 Alexis Grabowski: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Alexis Grabowski, an artist whose work explores the transitory and emotional aspects of urban and rural landscapes.


7/25/15 Katie DeGroot: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Katie DeGroot, an artist whose work is based on a traditional observation process, however the final appearance of the objects in the paintings is informed by contemporary ideas and concerns.


7/18/15 Fernando Orellana: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Fernando Orellana, a professor of digital at Union Colege who uses new and traditional media as a way of transmitting concepts that range from generative art to social-political commentary.


7/11/15 Laylah Ali: Today’s Saturday Morning Artist is Laylah Ali, from Williamstown, MA, whose gouache paintings have been included in exhibitions and permanent collections across the nation.


7/4/15 Deidre Scherer: Today we are featuring Vermont artist, Deidre Scherer. By using thread on fabric, she focuses on the issues of aging and mortality.


6/27/15 Ben Schwab: Today we are featuring Ben Schwab, a local artist and professor at Saint Rose whose architectural drawings and paintings add a “sense of past and future.”


6/20/15 Melinda R. McDaniel: Today we are featuring Melinda R. McDaniel, a photographer who’s work becomes part of a much more expansive process resulting in an array of objects from collage to sculpture.


6/13/15 Jason Middlebrook: Today we are featuring Jason Middlebrook, a Hudson painter, sculptor, and installation artist who primarily works with wood.


6/6/15 Niki Haynes: Today we are featuring Niki Haynes, a Troy-based artist whose collages aim to convey social commentaries.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.43.28 PM

5/30/15 Leslie Parke: Today we are featuring Leslie Parke, Washington County artist who works primarily in Oil Paint.


5/23/15 Mark Gregory: Today we are featuring Mark Gregory, Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Albany.


5/16/15 Colin C Boyd: Today we are featuring Colin C Boyd, sculpture artist and printmaker whose work has been shown at Mass MoCA.


5/9/15 Caroline Morgan: Today we are featuring Caroline Morgan, landscape artist living and working in Albany, NY.

Caroline Morgan

5/2/15 William Jaeger: Today we are featuring William Jaeger, photographer in Albany, NY.

william jaeger

4/25/15 Melissa Thorne: Is an internationally represented artist living and working in Troy, NY.

SMA_Melissa Thorne

4/18/15 JoAnne Carson A regional painter and sculptor, her work explores the ideas of nature and what is considered “natural” in modern society.


4/11/15 Roberta Gentry: internationally exhibited artist and SUNY Albany alumna.

roberta gentry

4/4/15 Joseph Yetto: a local painter, his still life paintings capture the landscape as well as what is viewed under a microscope.

The Sun Has Set 2014 oil on canvas mounted on wood 20" x 20"

3/28/15 Danny Goodwin: He is an artist and teacher in Albany, NY. Most of his work for a number of years has been on projects that relate to the United States intelligence community and attendant issues such as surveillance, secrecy, deception and violence.


3/21/15 Nick Patten: He is a contemporary realist painter from the Hudson Valley, and has been referred to as the Master of Light and Shadow because of the style of his paintings.


3/14/15 Brian Cirmo: He is an artist in Albany who has spent the past decade traveling around the country and makes art to tell American stories.

Brian Saturday Morning Artist

Brian Saturday Morning Artist

3/7/15 Jillian Platt: She is a painter and medical illustrator from Albany, NY. Her work is created for the medical, legal, publishing, and advertising community.


2/28/15 Ira Marcks: He is an artist, illustrator, and teacher from Troy, NY. His work focuses on visual storytelling using using comics, cartooning and graphic arts.


2/21/15 Monica Bill Hughes. Her paintings and drawings probe notions of femininity, sexuality, and vulnerability.


2/14/15 Michael Conlin: Michael’s studio focuses on hand painted signs, murals, and illustrations. Most of his time is spent working in the sign-painting and street art movements.


2/7/15 Catherine Minnery: Catherine works with many different mediums to create work that is inspired by the natural world.


1/31/15 Richard Garrison: Richard works with materials from contemporary culture such as store fliers via mail and newspapers to create works like this one.


1/17/15 M Suzanne Hicks: M Suzanne works primarily with oil paints, watercolor, and charcoal.  She also “paints with fiber” and creates with mixed media.

Embedded image permalink

1/10/15 Patrick Harrington: Patrick works primarily in college, found object collage, and pulp sculpture.

1/3/15 Chris DeMarco: Chris works primarily with photography.  Her recent interest is in capturing landscape and architecture in flux.

Embedded image permalink

12/13/14 Christine Batson: Christine works primarily in prints, textiles and sculpture.

Christine was awarded Second Place for her piece Shell 7: Trapped in the Albany Center Gallery’s 10th Annual Members’ Show!

Christine Batson

12/6/14 Susan Myers: Susan works primarily in photography.

Susan was awarded First Place for her piece X Ray Prom in the Albany Center Gallery’s 10th Annual Members’ Show!  Check out the Members’ Show from December 5 – January 23.  For more information, visit http://albanycentergallery.org/10th-annual-members-show/

Susan Myers X Ray Prom

11/22/14 Ken Ragsdale: Ken works primarily in photography of fabricated paper sculpture.

Embedded image permalink

11/8/14 Jenny Kemp: Jenny Kemp works primarily in gauche and oil paints, but also creates animations.

11/01/14 Erik Savage (aka RADICAL!): Erik works primarily with found objects, installation and painting and drawing.

Erik will also will be donating a piece for Albany Center Gallery’s 2014 Winter Gala!


10/25/14 Bob Anderson: Bob works primarily with photography.

Bob will also will be donating a piece for Albany Center Gallery’s 2014 Winter Gala!

Bob Anderson

10/11/14 Dorothy Englander: Dorothy works primarily in oil, watercolor, ink and collage.

Dorothy will also will be donating a piece for Albany Center Gallery’s 2014 Winter Gala!


10/4/14 James Robert Nelson: James works primarily in painting, sculpture and graphics.

James will also will be donating a piece for Albany Center Gallery’s 2014 Winter Gala!


9/27/14 Willie Marlowe: Willie works primarily in painting, drawing and mixed media.

Willie will also will be donating a piece for Albany Center Gallery’s 2014 Winter Gala! Thanks for all of your support over the years.

On behalf ACG and its Board of Directors, we would like to congratulate Wille on be honored with this year’s Les Urbach Lifetime Achievement Award that will be presented at this years gala. For more information please visit http://albanycentergallery.org/2014-winter-gala-tickets-on-sale-now/


9/20/14 Mark McCarty: Mark works primarily in photography.


9/13/14 Christine Heller: Christine works primarily in painting, drawing and installation.


8/2/14 Leona Christie: Leona works primarily in works-on-paper, installations, artist books, and animations.

7/26/14 Kim Faler: Kim works primarily in sculpture and installation.


7/19/14 William Bergman: William works primarily in sculpture and installation.


7/12/14  Ryan Parr: Ryan works primarily in oil paints as well as mixed media on paper.

3rd of May, 2007

6/28/14  Harold Lohner: Harold works primarily in printmaking and font designing.


6/14/14  MiChelle Vara: MiChelle works primarily in recycled metals as well as other mediums.


6/7/14   Patrick Picou Harrington: Patrick works primarily in paper & pulp as well as wood.


5/31/14  Gina Occhiogrosso: Gina works primarily in gouache as well as oil.


5/24/14 Dorothea Osborn: Dorothea works in oil paints as well as mixed media and sculpture.


5/17/14 Beau Comeaux: Beau works primarily in nocturnal photography as well as daily documentation.


5/10/14 Caitlin McCourt: Caitlin works primarily in methods of printmaking and collage as well as oil painting.


5/3/14 Ginger Ertz: Ginger works primarily in chenille stems (pipe-cleaners) as well as pen and ink. Her “Amphora Project” uses chenille stems, concrete, and steel wire.


4/26/14 Gregory Maxwell Dunn: Greg works primarily in collage as well as painting and sculpture.


4/19/2014 Jane McCambley: Jane works primarily in collage as well as painting.