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MAKERS, a project of photographer and artist Richard Lovrich, shines a light on 365 of the New York Capital Region’s creatives, just a small percentage of those who make our world a brighter, enjoyable and more livable place. Presented by Albany Center Gallery – the fitting home for its display – along with the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy and The Alt Weekly. The Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE) is a collaborative, cross-sector group which supports creative freelancers, creative organizations, and individuals involved in creative work. The Alt Weekly is an alternative newspaper covering stories in Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady and Troy with a mission to Provoke, Inform and Inspire. With a caring, independent voice and unblinking eye on the arts, culture and vibrant life of the Capital Region, The Alt is quickly becoming a powerful alternative voice. Who better to host four evenings of MAKERS CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS than its guiding light, Editor in Chief David King?

For four Thursdays in a row at 7 p.m., beginning on June 29, ACG will be filled, not just with the faces of MAKERS, but also their voices. Provocative and revealing, our creative panels will gather the best and brightest to represent the restaurant scene, the human body, the current state of freelancing and a very special panel devoted to those traditionally considered creatives and their place in the new creative economy. Artists and details to be announced.

Up Next:

July 13 – the body creative

July 20 – creative freelancers

Past Conversations:

June 29 – creative classics

Kathleen Bowman
An actress floats across the stage of theREP, a gown concealing her efforts, she sits, and speaks, but only through the hypnotic mastery of her cello. The music her own, her style captivating, Kathleen Bowman is an artist to watch, and of course, listen to.

Paul Grondahl
For decades, Paul Grondahl has been one of the best reasons that local readers have picked up the Albany Times Union. This reporter turned popular author, and now, Director, NYS Writers Institute at University at Albany, has never stood still, his life, the ultimate page-turner.

Willie Marlowe
Celebrated painter and art educator, Willie Marlowe has traversed the globe for inspiration and to leave her mark on the international art scene. Her work is included in museum, university, corporate and private collections, and she has had a ten year retrospective exhibition at the Wexford Arts Center.

Alex Waters
Drawn to abstract art due to lifelong dyslexia, Alex Waters uses wild color and movement to reach people’s hearts and minds in his abstract action paintings. He has been featured at various local live painting events, has shown work at the World Trade Gallery and Fountain Arts Show in NYC, and recently received the Creative Spirit Award from The Arts Center of the Capital Region.

July 6 – creative restauranteurs

Claudia Crisan

Vic Christopher
Vic Christopher is at the epicenter of Troy’s meteoric rise from its post-industrial ashes, and he got there by trading on that past with hipness, provocative menu items, an approachable, iconoclastic wine list, and unparalleled service. The subdued lighting, booming systems and hyper-stimulating fare of his eateries (Peck’s ArcadeLucas ConfectioneryLittle pecks) are drawing diners and stimulating a real estate boom.

Cory Nelson
A nightclub lounge set inside a boardwalk-inspired eatery? Troy Kitchen features an eclectic roster of quick plates, complimented by poetry, music and happenings, all served up by paragon of cool, inventive restauranteur and host Cory Nelson.

Ric Orlando
Ropa Vieja at midnight? Ric Orlando was revolutionizing pub food in the Capital Region long before he opened his first New World Bistro Bar in Woodstock. Now with a branch in Albany, his ever morphing menus continue to wow, aided by internet teases, touting the inventive style that has become his brand.

MAKERS is made possible with support from:
Bill Harris, Esq. and Holly Katz, Joann Ryan, Universal Preservation Hall, Steven & Diane O’Connor, Mona Golub, Proctors, Capital Repertory Theatre, Tess Collins, Kevin Dubner, Annette Nanes, Overit Media, Anna Wettergreen, Jeffrey Mirel, Northeast Ballet Company, Jamel Mosely, Gary Gold, Peter Leue, Jessica Mansmith, David M. Phaff, Gene Vermacelli, Chuck Vosganian, Connie Frisbee Houde, Sheila Los, Glenn Lovrich, Shannon Wilson, Willie Marlowe, Joe Kelly, Trumastr Trimingham, Alacrity Frame Workshop, McGreevy ProLab & ProPress, Media Well Done, New York State Council on the Arts, The Albany Wine and Dine for the Arts Festival.

Visit the MAKERS Facebook event for more information.

MAKERS include:
Cadence Acquaviva, Larry Acunto, Amina Addy, Crystal Aikin, Corey Aldrich, Joey Alexander, Robert Altman, Carolyn Anderson, Masai Andrews, Rashaun Andrews, Kimberly Ann, Joe Arcuri, Taina Asili, Thomas Attila Lewis, Awkwafina, Milo Axelrod, Eliza Azile, Balloon Gal Jenny, Lauren E. Banks, John W. Bard, Sandra Bargman, David Barlow, Steve Barnes, Jared Barton, Chelsea Basler-Aston, Dan Bazile, Zachary Belanger, Siona Benjamin, Etai Benson, Bonny Betancourt, Andrew Bisantz, Conductor, Bling Blingas, Sarah Boink, Angelica Bongiovonni, Kathleen Luster Bowman, Sandra M. 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